What makes you YOU?

It’s a great question, perhaps the greatest question there is. And while you have learned many things about many subjects in your years of going to school, it is likely that you have not yet had the chance to give the subject of YOU much thoughtful consideration.

Every year I have the privilege of working with students who, like yourself, are preparing to apply to college. But when it comes to writing the essays, they don’t know where to start. Writing about yourself is hard! Unlike writing about a topic you are studying in school, when you write about yourself, you are so close to the subject, you can barely see it — especially if you are worrying about what ‘they’ are looking for.

Great writing needs time to develop and grow, which is why summer is the ideal time to get started on your college admission essays. Trust me, I know that the idea of spending precious summer days in a college application workshop sounds like torture. But when my students consistently tell me that, not only did they have a good time exploring their lives and typing away, they also got into the college of their dreams, I know I am doing something right.

I love what I do and there is a good chance you will love working with me. Take a look at the TESTIMONIALS and you will see that, with my help, exploring the subject of YOU can actually be enjoyable. You have a story to tell. My job is to help you find it!

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