You have heard the horror stories. Over and over again, great kids apply to college and don’t get in anywhere they would actually want to go. I have heard those stories too and every time I think, “I wish they had worked with me,” because that scenario never happens to my students.

Hiring outside help for your child’s college applications is not a luxury anymore – at this point, it is a necessity. The application process has become so competitive and confusing, going about it alone is as dicey as paddling a canoe into a hurricane. Between my 500+ success stories and my partner Chelsea Allen’s insider knowledge as former Assistant Director of Admissions at Yale, working with us guarantees a return on the investment of time, money, and effort both you and your child have put in thus far. Whether they are valedictorians or kids barely hanging on, my students get into the colleges they deserve (and even have a great time along the way, as you can see in my TESTIMONIALS). 

The Writing and Application Workshop is where the rubber meets the road. Because my workshops take place at the end of summer, students arrive refreshed and ready for the work ahead. College is no longer a ‘one day in the future’ thing. It’s real and it’s here.

In groups of 8 to 10, the workshop takes place from 10-3, Monday through Thursday. On Monday and Tuesday we focus on crafting the main essay for the Common Application, known as the personal statement. This is the most important essay of the application and requires a unique type of writing. Many of my former students were excellent writers.  Some were poets, a few had been editors of their school papers, others openly admitted that writing was a struggle. Yet, the style required for an effective personal statement has been elusive and frustrating for every student I have worked with. In the Writing Seminar, students find the right story and create a clearly defined draft of the personal statement.

On Wednesday and Thursday we shift our attention to the overall application process – not in theory, but by actually filling out the Common App. Students take responsibility for their applications and begin crafting the many supplemental essays that are required for multiple applications. Did you know that, in addition to the personal statement required for the Common App, there are also anywhere from two to ten supplemental essays for EACH college? In the Application Seminar, students draft supplemental essays that will stand out from the crowd and create solid strategies for navigating the long road ahead.


July 31 Aug 1, 2, 3

August 7, 8, 9, 10

Hours: Four consecutive days, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a short lunch break.

Location: 258 Rosemont Street, La Jolla 92037

Fee: $2500

$1250 deposit required to reserve a spot.


For students who have completed the Writing and Application Workshop, but wish to refine and polish their essays in private sessions, I offer two packages:


Imagine enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday knowing that all of your child’s applications are submitted! Spread over 10 weeks, Package A allows you to purchase ten weekly 90-minute appointments, at the same day and time each week, which ensures the work will get done. It also secures a spot in our calendar, long before it fills up.

Former students who complete all their essays with us have ALL been admitted into at least one of their top three college choices. Some of these students were accepted into every colleges to which they applied.

Fee: $3000

$1500 deposit required to reserve a spot. Balance due September 1.


This package is designed for students applying Early Decision/Action or to UC schools only, all of which are due in November. In five 90-minute sessions, early application students prepare outstanding essays for one early choice college.

Fee: $1500  

$1250 deposit required to reserve a spot. Balance due September 1.


For students who come to me in the fall without having completed the Writing Workshop, this package includes a three-hour assessment of personal statement draft, plus four ninety-minute editing sessions.

Fee $3500   


Initial 2-hour session $600, follow up sessions $150/45 MINUTES