When my daughter was a senior in high school, I thought applying to college would be a breeze. She had worked hard for years at a top prep-school and had the grades, scores and extracurriculars to show for it. However, when the time came for her to write the essays, she was completely stumped. Never before had she needed the personal, concise style of writing that was needed for her admission essays and we found ourselves in a hurricane of fears, frustrations and fast-approaching deadlines. Lucky for us, my years of experience as a playwright and screenwriter came in handy and I was able to help her find her story and her voice. She made it through all 16 applications and was ultimately admitted into every college she applied to. When she confessed to me that, without my help on her essays, her years of hard work could have amounted to nothing, I wondered if other high school seniors might need the same help.

That was eight years ago and in that time, I have guided nearly 500 students — ranging from valedictorians to kids who are just hanging on — safely through the labyrinth of writing outstanding college admission essays. My experiences as a writer, mother and former 17-year old all come together when working with my students, and many have told me that the guided inquiry into their lives was a value unto itself.

That is all well and good, but we all know that the real goal is to get into college. With rare exception, my students get into at least one of their top three college choices, and some even get into every college they apply to. The reason for this is simple: their essays are 100% true to who they are, and that is exactly what colleges are looking for.

I love what I do. In my happy and peaceful home office, I have the privilege every year to work with young men and women who trust me with their stories and their lives and who let me accompany them through this important and difficult process. As you can see on the TESTIMONIALS page, my students love working with me. They know that I give them my best, which in turn inspires them to give their best. It is a lovely arrangement!

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